Lounging In The Ladies

Once upon a time, (i.e. in 2020) an Australian artist named Kirsha Kaechele designed an exhibit for the Tasmanian Museum of Old and New Art. It was called the Ladies Lounge. And —shock, horror—men were not allowed to enter. The title was ironic.

Purple Planets?

Our earth is called the “blue planet” because 71 percent of it is covered with water. But we also think of it as green. Scientists are searching for other Earth-like planets that harbor life. Those planets may not look blue because of oceans, or green because of chlorophyll-producing plants, but purple! 

Trees Can’t Relocate...

Trees can’t relocate—maybe they need a helping hand. A variation on the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” theme: As climate change thwarts the growth of trees used to a colder climate, some trees that thrive in milder climates are being planted in northern states.

The Lady Banks Roses Are Out!

In my garden, like the bougainvillea, these climbers love the spring equinox. Or perhaps rosa banksiae just responds to the warmth of the sun after its winter rest. These small white rosettes on almost thornless stems emit a subtle fragrance and climb vigorously. 

Colcannon For St Patrick’s Day

Last November I went to Ireland.

I have three Irish great-great-grandmothers, and they all left their homeland in about 1849 to escape starvation.