I'm Going With Homemade Stuffing

I'm Going With Homemade Stuffing

Whether it is turkey or chicken, I’m going with home-made stuffing. My grandmother’s recipe, with onions, apples, walnuts, and thyme.

Turkey or chicken, chicken or turkey? This is not my usual Thanksgiving dilemma. But for our radically scaled-down celebration this year, I think I will go with a plump capon, not the big bird.

Our older sons, with their families, won’t join us, we decided last week. Just our youngest and my husband and I will make up the holiday table.

We’ll be thankful that even this is possible. 2020 has brought home the reality that good fortune cannot be taken for granted, for us as individuals, for us as a society. We have a responsibility to feed the hungry, to provide shelter for those in need, to keep others safe.
There will be empty seats at many tables this year, and we will remember those we lost.

Feasting with family and friends has sustained human beings for millennia. In fact, hospitality makes us human. If this year is an aberration, good times will come again. Whether you’re eating turkey, a vegan feast, or whatever on Thursday, I wish you peace and good health.