Author Travel Guide: Berkeley, CA

Fellow Wild Rose Press author Stella Jayne Phillips asks guest authors on her blog to write a travelogue about the setting in their books.

What a great idea. It really made me think about what is unique about Berkeley, California, where Joyous Lies begins. So, I imagined myself as a tour guide, and imagine that the pandemic was over, and places of interest are open and available.

While writing the book I spent quite a lot of time at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. In this blog post is a picture of the Garden’s conservatory. I based a scene in Joyous Lies on this conservatory, interviewed one of the docents on the flooring, lighting, humidity levels.

What you learn, writing a book!

Here is the article, as it appeared in Stella Jayne Phillips’ blog on March 3, 2021.

Author Travel Guide: Berkeley, California
Mar 3, 2021 | Author Travel Guide

Berkeley, across the bay from San Francisco, offers better weather and a relaxed vibe.

It’s the home of the University of California’s jewel, its Berkeley campus. In a scene in my book Joyous Lies, I describe a campus rally to protest the Vietnam War fifty years ago, just before

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