Trees Can't Relocate...

Trees can’t relocate—maybe they need a helping hand. A variation on the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” theme: As climate change thwarts the growth of trees used to a colder climate, some trees that thrive in milder climates are being planted in northern states.

The hope is that they'll form a forest by the time they mature. Not the forest of your grandparents, but the forest of the future.’s%20new%20satellite%20delivers%20“stunning%20images”%20-%2013626227

And it’s not just trees that are affected. Cold-weather veggies and flowers will be better off further north than they are now. According to a PBS News Hour episode on April 7, “the coldest days of winter in our current climate, based on temperature records from 1991 through 2020 are 5 degrees F (2.8 C) warmer than they were between 1976 and 2005.”

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