The Royal "We"

The coronation is behind us, not that many in the U.S. were waiting breathlessly when it was before us. But it is to be acknowledged, if not universally, that it went off splendidly. We, meaning the whole world, had the chance to see it for the first time ever.

Jane Austen was born the year that the Americans ditched their English king. No rigid social hierarchy plagued the colonies, who were too busy fighting and farming to worry about who should have precedence in seating, and who should go in first to a formal dinner. But such matters concerned Sir Walter Elliott and two of his daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, in Persuasion, Austen’s brilliant satire on manners. The heroine of this book is the middle daughter, Anne, now a faded beauty of 27. Eight years before, she had been dissuaded from marrying the handsome but impecunious Frederick Wentworth. Now he is returned from fighting the Napoleonic wars, a Navy captain, setting Anne’s heart aflutter all over again.

This is a classic romance setup, with misunderstandings and unkindnesses all around, ending in a HEA (happy ever after) for all the “good” characters, and disrepute for the baddies. This is also a

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Arizona Women for the Arts Grant Applications Open

A few years ago, a group of women gathered together in Phoenix to begin a new group supporting the arts in our state. We had formerly been a group in support of the major art museum in the city, but now we wanted to find a wider focus.

The result was Arizona Women for the Arts. As the name implies, we set as our goal the funding of grants for Arizona women artists. Now, applications for the first grants are open!

Here is the press release. Please spread the word to any artist, in any genre, you think may be interested in applying for one of two $1500 grants to support their work.

Pam Betz
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(480) 332-1500

Phoenix, AZ, May 2, 2023

AZ Women for the Arts Announces Its Inaugural Grant Opportunity!
Two $1,500 grants will be awarded

The mission of AZ Women for the Arts (AZWA) is to foster the growth of Arizona's women artists. To that end, AZWA’s artist grant portal will open for the very first time on June, 1, 2023. All women artists, who are 18 years of age or older and legal residents of the state of Arizona, are encouraged

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