Women’s Fiction Day: What is Women’s Fiction?

I did not know what “Women’s Fiction” was when I started writing it. What I knew was that I preferred books written by women, because their protagonists were people I related to.

I could understand their problems, empathize with their troubles and the solutions they sought.

Women wrote some of the first novels. Jane Austen is the most famous. No one would call her work Women’s Fiction, but in fact, it casts a distinctly feminine view of the world. The very real problems of females in a male-dominated world are delineated wittily in her books.

And yet, I recently read an article that said that Women’s Fiction is so-called because it tackles issues not considered serious enough for male readers. Oh, dear.

Relationships form the basis of human life and these are the stuff of Women’s Fiction and its more erudite sister, Literary Fiction.

Literary Fiction, which defines the most serious type of novel, is the most prestigious but least popular genre in publishing. The genres of Crime Fiction and Thrillers drive sales. Mostly, these books are plot-driven, not character-driven, and usually, therefore, to my mind, not satisfying.

Romance writing is the most popular of the genre categories. It sells

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Women's Fiction Day, June 8!

The Women Writers Fiction Association is proud to present Women’s Fiction Day!. This wonderful organization has supported female writers since 2013 with classes, resources, community. I am proud to have been a member since 2014.

For the celebration, two lucky people will receive a copy of my latest novel, Joyous Lies!
All you have to do is to sign up to receive my newsletter.

Once your name is picked, I will contact you by email to get your mailing address to receive the print copy.

Watch this space on June 8 for the winners and for my blog post on “What is Women’s Fiction?”


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