Estranged from her English family, Camilla Fetherwell now lives in the United States and owns a successful catering business. Returning home for her father's funeral, she reunites with her first love, Billy, whom she hasn't seen since her father broke up their teenage romance. Billy seems eager to resume their love affair. But after one blissful night together, things take a turn.

Camilla suspects her father may have led a secret life, and when Billy reveals something he, too, has discovered, her apprehension grows. Billy holds her heart, but their relationship might be tainted by what her father hid. A reunion seems impossible.

Her life feels as splattered as her catering apron. As she watches her food stylist make a strawberry look luscious with a swipe of lipstick, Camilla wonders if a gloss has been put over a family secret? Can she and Billy survive what's underneath?


  • Things are not what they seem in this tale of romance and family secrets. When professional caterer Camilla travels from Boston to attend her father's memorial in Cambridge, England, she rekindles an erotic relationship with a former lover. Like the lipstick that a photographer uses to pretty up strawberries for Camilla's webpage, the glossy surface of her father's life appears to hide ugly secrets. Camilla seeks the truth -- and, as in a good mystery, she follows clues that lead her (and the reader) down erroneous paths.
    ~ Audra
  • This book is an absolute pleasure to read. The characters are three-dimensional and flawed in ways that are both realistic and sometimes frustrating. All the better to advance the plot, and what a wonderful plot it is. The reader follows divorced British caterer Camilla Fetherwell as she grows her business in Boston, navigates family issues in Great Britain, and finds what? Love perhaps? On both sides of the Atlantic. Throw in a mysterious young woman who may hold the answers to a decades-old mystery, and you've got the recipe (pun intended) for a page-turner.
    ~ Heidi Weinmann


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